Along the Amalfi

Buona Sera darlings,

I have had this fascination with Italy for quite some time now.  I stumbled upon this Villa in Praiano, Italy, originally own by a Neapolitan Princess, and I instantly fell in love.  At $5400 a night it's a steal from Jetsetter.com What a perfect setting for an intimate wedding celebration.  Spend the week with family and friends enjoying the Amalfi Coast in all it's glory and then top it off with your big celebration!
Enjoy a little Italian love song!
 Buona Sera by Louis Prima on Grooveshark

I would clear this terrace of furniture and bring in some beautiful seating, full white floral arrangements to create an aisle and line the terrace walls in candles.  The ceremony would start in the early evening as the sun was setting, providing the ultimate romantic setting.

With direct beach access ( a short 202 steps down) a stroll by the water is a definite must with your new husband!

Now for such an event, one would need the most special dress possible.  Jenny Packham is one of my favourite designer's for sexy beauty.  This dress with a delicate lace veil for the ceremony?....drool worthy
What about the groom?  Easy, classic old school elegance. Take a cue from James Bond, or Casablanca...So debonair!
From hanging Jasmine and blown glass bubbles, to champagne towers and a floral wrapped wedding cake, the reception should be over flowing with love, laughter and lots of dancing under the stars.



Love Your Own Way

Oh how I have missed discussing wedded bliss with you all!   Today my favorite topic: Eloping.  It truly is heart stoppingly romantic and can be so much more glamorous than the typical ceremony then reception, cake cutting day (not that there is anything wrong with that kind of wedding.)

Now some may say you miss out on all the small things that make a wedding day great, and to that I say phooey.  You can have everything you want, a moment to smell your fragrant bouquet? Done. (and quite well in full bell sleeve mini dress).
Photography is a huge component to the wedding day, easily incorporated into your elopement as well! What's more intimate than snapping pics of your love sipping champagne and basking in the glow of the day?
Don't forget to enjoy the day and take a hand held stroll around whatever fabulous locale you have chosen!
Now my favourite part, transportation.  Arrive to the ceremony by boat? why not? Don't forget a chic pair of sunnies to compliment your dress!

Lastly the getaway car...If your dress happens to be bigger than the car,you can simply do some fabulous poses on top of it! 

See lovelies, eloping can really be the greatest!  So if your future hubby wants to runaway with you, put on your highest of heels, grab his hand and frolic your way down to town hall!



Travel Minded

Bonjour darlings!

I hope all is well with you!  I have been enjoying this week immensely, the upcoming wedding of my doll C. will be quite the event this weekend, work has been perfectly busy, and my T.coming back into my life has just been quite the added bonus! 

Of course preparations for my trip have kept my mind whirling!  I picked up the most delightful product this afternoon, Oribe travel collection, which consists of 10 days worth of amazing shampoo and conditioner packets.  It's the ideal set for the glamorous traveler!
I came across this photo shoot Joe zee styled for Zara a while back in Italy.  It is my obsession, I want every outfit!
The ideal outfit for touring about Lisbon, big sunnies off the shoulder white cotton dress, and fabulous soft clutch.  Just don't forget to apply your Vichy spf 40 in the morning, sunburned shoulder are not chic.
After running into that adorable billionaire at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, make sure to throw on your best cover-up and statement necklace for a sail along the coastline. Perfect for daytime lounging and a candlelit dinner on the deck.
(images via Dust Jacket Attic)
For those days you just need to pop down to the market and perhaps a shop or two...or three.  This look is perfection, casual and feminine all the way! 

Okay luvvies, I best be off Pilates time (groan.)
Enjoy your day!


I'm Back !

Good evening darlings,
I swear I haven't forgotten you, life has just been a bit overwhelming.  Isn't it funny how the older we get, the easier it is to avoid the small things that bring us pure joy?  As if taking a moment for ourselves is a pleasure we must always feel guilty or apologize for...I've grown weary of it and as of right now I am taking back my life! So while I sip the most delectable bubbles I will let you in on some moments that have been inspiring me as of late.
First off, it wouldn't be a proper Better In Heels post if I didn't let you in on some of my fabulous travel plans for the summer.  Newly single me made a choice to go somewhere new and exciting!  Portugal has always been at the top of my must see list.  So 4 days in Lisbon followed by 5 days in Lagos will be utterly amazing.  My Lisbon dress code will revolve around the LWD (little white dress) bold tote bags and impossibly impractical shoes:
In Lagos however, life is a tad more beachy and carefree.  Now I have a fabulous co-worker who can sweater a dress better than anyone I know and although she may think I am crazy, I believe in sweater-ing a bikini.  Now I don't mean that ghastly old Christmas cardigan.  No, we are talking slouchy, off the shoulder knits in pale colours preferably paired with toned legs, bright beach bags and lots o' jewelry!

Clearly I am beyond thrilled about this vacation, in other news I am currently decorating my apartment!  I have a  palette of muted creamy tones accentuated with gold and punches of blues and greens in the accessories I'm mildly obsessed with this project.  Currently I'm relaxing in one of my Louis ghost chairs in the dining room, while admiring the adorable gold barcart I picked up a few weeks ago (ideal for entertaining!)  Here is one of my favourite room inspirations!
I love the strength and coziness in this interior:

Before I sign off my loves one final image that just makes me so happy and daydream for hours (what's better some gorgeous sailing in Lagos?)


Le Dress et Le Chignon

I would rock this gown at my wedding rehearsal dinner, then go back to my fabulous hotel suite and jump on the bed in excitement...not unlike this image.


Canopy of Love

When you get married, the most important part is the ceremony, and where does that occur?  That's right boys and girls at the alter.  Which is why I am often left baffled at the unimaginative alters couples use.  It's often overlooked, but really the bulk of you pictures occur there and it should be a carefully edited and  decorated space.  I'm aware a lot of churches do not allow decoration, so I will focus this post on couples in non religious venues. 

Fabric can be a beautiful way to frame your space, it lends itself to a more intimate feel between you and your soon to be hubby.  Fabric choices are endless, whether its light as air white chiffon, or heavier fringed velvet, and the colour can be whatever you choose.  The draping style is up to you.  Keep your photographer and guests in mind, you don't want to block anyone's view.  Adding in flowers, chandeliers, or candles is up to you.  Although if using candles keep them away from the fabric...An alter on fire is not chic.

You can also choose a more natural route.  It can really set the tone of the wedding, and if you are fairly handy be quite inexpensive to make.  It would be amazing getting married under something you built together.  It is also neat to incorporate the actual setting into the design, such as wrapping the branch in lace like the bottom couple did!

My last idea is for those creative artsy brides and grooms.  Definitely non-traditional, ribbon and flower garlands can make for an amazing outdoor or indoor ceremony space.  

Alright beauties, I hope I have inspired you to put a bit more thought and creativity into your alter!


Tuesday Shoesday

Some exciting updates luvvies!  I'm saying bon voyage to Vilnius, and hopping on a jet to Spain.  Barcelona to be exact.  I'm imagining my days strolling the along the streets, in leather sandals and wispy dresses soaking up the end of summer sun.  Visiting art gallery's, viewing the amazing works of Gaudi, and exploring the shops will take up most of my days.  Late evening will consist of tapas dinners, copious amounts of wine and dancing into the wee hours of the morning. Such a blissful way to spend late August early September days.

You better believe I am finding the shop that sells this decadent looking treat!

It is of course Tuesday Shoesday so I found the loveliest pale pink metallic heels.  I'd wear these down the aisle any day!

Having a smashing day!


Friday Faves {Peachy Keen}

Ahh the weekend, one of life's simple pleasures.  Today I bring you some of my Friday Faves!  I have been searching for a delicious recipe for dessert and I came across a simple peach crostata and felt inspired.  Not only are peaches delicious, they are the perfect colour for nailpolish, dresses, and about a million other things.  So I thought I share some Peachy Keen images with you!
The perfect summertime dessert peach crostata, recipe here

 This is the perfect nailpolish shade, not to pink not too orange!

Peachy and feathery, this gown is perfection.

Nothing like a bright peach accent in your home, it'll liven up any drab bathroom.

The peachiest bouquet of garden roses (ps. one of my favorite flowers)

Hope your Friday is fantastic!


I Really Must Dash!

Quick! Your eloping this weekend what do you wear. Uh Uh....... too slow! You're all stuck in some boring dress from Sears.  I challenged myself to find the perfect elopement outfit, and it would have to arrive/ come together in 3 days or less.  Some would say this is crazy, or who does she think she is?  But guess what I did it!  I mean, I found the outfit, not that I am getting married this weekend.  Though that would make for a fun Married Monday post..

First the dress, from Asos express priority mail, here the next day.  The price an easy $120.  It's so feminine and pretty, I love it with the soft ponytail as well.

Next up, Jewellry gorgeous statement necklace by Erickson Beamon.  Shopbop has free 3 day delivery!
The shoes can be a simple metallic pair of peep toes  from Topshop, free delivery if you spend over 75 pounds too!
I love the idea of a small bouquet when eloping, you could just stop by the local flower market and pick out a few of your favourite blooms, (buy a couple extra for your man's boutoniere,) wrap with a pretty ribbon and your set!
There you have it, you can be married by Sunday and look simply fabulous!


The Book of Love

What a dreary Monday, luckily this adorable idea brightened my day!  Just think of all the neat books and ribbon you could use instead of the standard ring pillow! 

I'm off to the market to pick up some things for dinner, I'm thinking it's a salad, homeade pizza and champagne sort of evening.
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