Travel Minded

Bonjour darlings!

I hope all is well with you!  I have been enjoying this week immensely, the upcoming wedding of my doll C. will be quite the event this weekend, work has been perfectly busy, and my T.coming back into my life has just been quite the added bonus! 

Of course preparations for my trip have kept my mind whirling!  I picked up the most delightful product this afternoon, Oribe travel collection, which consists of 10 days worth of amazing shampoo and conditioner packets.  It's the ideal set for the glamorous traveler!
I came across this photo shoot Joe zee styled for Zara a while back in Italy.  It is my obsession, I want every outfit!
The ideal outfit for touring about Lisbon, big sunnies off the shoulder white cotton dress, and fabulous soft clutch.  Just don't forget to apply your Vichy spf 40 in the morning, sunburned shoulder are not chic.
After running into that adorable billionaire at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, make sure to throw on your best cover-up and statement necklace for a sail along the coastline. Perfect for daytime lounging and a candlelit dinner on the deck.
(images via Dust Jacket Attic)
For those days you just need to pop down to the market and perhaps a shop or two...or three.  This look is perfection, casual and feminine all the way! 

Okay luvvies, I best be off Pilates time (groan.)
Enjoy your day!


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