Love Your Own Way

Oh how I have missed discussing wedded bliss with you all!   Today my favorite topic: Eloping.  It truly is heart stoppingly romantic and can be so much more glamorous than the typical ceremony then reception, cake cutting day (not that there is anything wrong with that kind of wedding.)

Now some may say you miss out on all the small things that make a wedding day great, and to that I say phooey.  You can have everything you want, a moment to smell your fragrant bouquet? Done. (and quite well in full bell sleeve mini dress).
Photography is a huge component to the wedding day, easily incorporated into your elopement as well! What's more intimate than snapping pics of your love sipping champagne and basking in the glow of the day?
Don't forget to enjoy the day and take a hand held stroll around whatever fabulous locale you have chosen!
Now my favourite part, transportation.  Arrive to the ceremony by boat? why not? Don't forget a chic pair of sunnies to compliment your dress!

Lastly the getaway car...If your dress happens to be bigger than the car,you can simply do some fabulous poses on top of it! 

See lovelies, eloping can really be the greatest!  So if your future hubby wants to runaway with you, put on your highest of heels, grab his hand and frolic your way down to town hall!



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