I'm Back !

Good evening darlings,
I swear I haven't forgotten you, life has just been a bit overwhelming.  Isn't it funny how the older we get, the easier it is to avoid the small things that bring us pure joy?  As if taking a moment for ourselves is a pleasure we must always feel guilty or apologize for...I've grown weary of it and as of right now I am taking back my life! So while I sip the most delectable bubbles I will let you in on some moments that have been inspiring me as of late.
First off, it wouldn't be a proper Better In Heels post if I didn't let you in on some of my fabulous travel plans for the summer.  Newly single me made a choice to go somewhere new and exciting!  Portugal has always been at the top of my must see list.  So 4 days in Lisbon followed by 5 days in Lagos will be utterly amazing.  My Lisbon dress code will revolve around the LWD (little white dress) bold tote bags and impossibly impractical shoes:
In Lagos however, life is a tad more beachy and carefree.  Now I have a fabulous co-worker who can sweater a dress better than anyone I know and although she may think I am crazy, I believe in sweater-ing a bikini.  Now I don't mean that ghastly old Christmas cardigan.  No, we are talking slouchy, off the shoulder knits in pale colours preferably paired with toned legs, bright beach bags and lots o' jewelry!

Clearly I am beyond thrilled about this vacation, in other news I am currently decorating my apartment!  I have a  palette of muted creamy tones accentuated with gold and punches of blues and greens in the accessories I'm mildly obsessed with this project.  Currently I'm relaxing in one of my Louis ghost chairs in the dining room, while admiring the adorable gold barcart I picked up a few weeks ago (ideal for entertaining!)  Here is one of my favourite room inspirations!
I love the strength and coziness in this interior:

Before I sign off my loves one final image that just makes me so happy and daydream for hours (what's better some gorgeous sailing in Lagos?)


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