I Really Must Dash!

Quick! Your eloping this weekend what do you wear. Uh Uh....... too slow! You're all stuck in some boring dress from Sears.  I challenged myself to find the perfect elopement outfit, and it would have to arrive/ come together in 3 days or less.  Some would say this is crazy, or who does she think she is?  But guess what I did it!  I mean, I found the outfit, not that I am getting married this weekend.  Though that would make for a fun Married Monday post..

First the dress, from Asos express priority mail, here the next day.  The price an easy $120.  It's so feminine and pretty, I love it with the soft ponytail as well.

Next up, Jewellry gorgeous statement necklace by Erickson Beamon.  Shopbop has free 3 day delivery!
The shoes can be a simple metallic pair of peep toes  from Topshop, free delivery if you spend over 75 pounds too!
I love the idea of a small bouquet when eloping, you could just stop by the local flower market and pick out a few of your favourite blooms, (buy a couple extra for your man's boutoniere,) wrap with a pretty ribbon and your set!
There you have it, you can be married by Sunday and look simply fabulous!


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