Canopy of Love

When you get married, the most important part is the ceremony, and where does that occur?  That's right boys and girls at the alter.  Which is why I am often left baffled at the unimaginative alters couples use.  It's often overlooked, but really the bulk of you pictures occur there and it should be a carefully edited and  decorated space.  I'm aware a lot of churches do not allow decoration, so I will focus this post on couples in non religious venues. 

Fabric can be a beautiful way to frame your space, it lends itself to a more intimate feel between you and your soon to be hubby.  Fabric choices are endless, whether its light as air white chiffon, or heavier fringed velvet, and the colour can be whatever you choose.  The draping style is up to you.  Keep your photographer and guests in mind, you don't want to block anyone's view.  Adding in flowers, chandeliers, or candles is up to you.  Although if using candles keep them away from the fabric...An alter on fire is not chic.

You can also choose a more natural route.  It can really set the tone of the wedding, and if you are fairly handy be quite inexpensive to make.  It would be amazing getting married under something you built together.  It is also neat to incorporate the actual setting into the design, such as wrapping the branch in lace like the bottom couple did!

My last idea is for those creative artsy brides and grooms.  Definitely non-traditional, ribbon and flower garlands can make for an amazing outdoor or indoor ceremony space.  

Alright beauties, I hope I have inspired you to put a bit more thought and creativity into your alter!


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