Stack it Up!

It's foodie day!  As you all know I love food, but if I had to choose a favourite food, burgers would win out every time.  So when I heard this burger joint opening up literally 2 blocks from my apartment, called Stackhouse Burger Bar I was majorly excited!  After all the fuss died down, I decided to venture down there for some takeout (my dinner date bailed and I am terrible at eating alone.)  So I walk into the light airy space, grab a seat at the bar while my food finished cooking,(kudos Stackhouse on your cute server, love a man with a good smile!)  It's definitely an inviting space that would be fun to hang out at on a Friday night.

Now the important part, the burger!  I got the Stackhouse burger with fries and decided to try the truffle aioli dip.  The brioche bun was melt in your mouth delicious, and although I found the actual burger meat (prime rib) a bit dry, the flavours of the pancetta and portabellini mushroom were totally original and yummy!  We are going to take a moment now and discuss the truffle aioli which was was beyond amazing, I may have even dipped some carrot sticks in it after I finished my fries so as not to waste a drop of it!  At first I thought the prices were a tad high, but it's definitely worth it, these ain't your average burgers people!

                                        (Oh Vancouver rain covering my takeout bag in raindrops)

(This is the burger I had! But obviously with fries, salads are for vegetarians)

Okay, I'm now laying on my couch with a massive food belly, but it was totally worth it!  Would I recommend Stackhouse Burger Bar to my friends and family?.....Hell YES, and I plan on accompanying each of them there too....since there are like ten other burgers that need my stamp of approval! Oh and that picture below would be the deep fried ice cream and chocolate sauce that I plan on trying next time!
(images via my camera and Stackhouse)

Alright luvvies, get your cutie patooties down to Granville and Davie street pronto!


  1. Great review as always Ashley but IMO the service and prices at this joint sucks major ass.

  2. hmm oh no! In those situations I always suggest calling or emailing the restaurant and explaining what happened to you, I'm sure they would appreciate any and all constructive feedback!


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