Nutty for Nutella

I'm having some major chocolate cravings and not just buy a snickers and be done with it cravings...No we are talking full blown I want massive amounts of ooey gooey sweeter than sweet, chocolate decadence, preferably on anything edible.  I just haven't landed on exactly what will satisfy me, enter my wedding planning course instructor mentioning Nutella tonight.  Duh, what was I thinking of course I need a jar of Nutella, banana's, strawberries, cookies, almonds, perhaps a crepe or two smothered in it.  Then as fate would have it I stumbled across this image, and literally almost started packing my bags and buying a plane ticket.

Ya that's right an entire restaurant dedicated to Nutella.  Literally anything you could imagine covered, flavoured, sandwiched or dipped in Nutella, they have.  And yes, their cash desk is shaped like a jar of it!  It's located in Bologna, Italy and there is another in Frankfurt, Germany.  Those lucky Europeans!  So needless to say, I picked up a jar on my way home from my wedding planning course (which ps. is going so fabulously I could just twirl around and around in happiness), and it may or may not be half empty and I could perhaps have a face/ hands slightly covered in chocolate, oh and now a keyboard, oops!...Don't judge, it's been a stressful week of work!



  1. Omg ! I want to go...love Nutella !!!


  2. my mom always gets the costco two packs. they hardly last a week each...
    I feel no remorse, Nutella is the best food group!



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