Wedding Guest

It's been the best mail week! I got free sample of Dove deep conditioner annnnd I got a wedding invite!! My bestie since birth is getting married in August, and oh lordy I haven't a clue what to wear!  It's gonna be in the in a sort of secluded area by a lake, and it will be very sunny and hot.  I've gathered a few dress idea's and I need all your fabulous opinions! Don't be shy!  And if you know anywhere with really good dresses fill me in.  I like to be fashionably organised, if I'm shipping a dress from England I have to give myself lots of time.  I refuse to get wrinkles over a UPS mix up stress!  Oh and don't worry for the simpler dresses I would style them up with fabulous shoes and accessories (obviously).

clockwise from top: (click to view)

Let me know what you think!



  1. I say the Shoshanna maxi or the Haute Hippie Sequined Vneck. Long with nice flat sandals or the short with some cute strappy heels!


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