High Flying Travel

Oh my goodness, such a lack of posts lately, life has been so hectic! I'm finally getting a chance to breathe before another whirlwind week.  This week I will be starting training for my new job, which means I officially get to travel for work.   Plane, hotel, per diem, the works! So exciting I can barely contain myself!  So in honour of this jetsetting week I figured why not right about my travel essentials, done on a slightly luxury level.  
  • A good sized tote bag, should have pockets and zipper closure, Prada doesn't hurt either!
  • Lanvin ballet flats, comfy and chic.
  • The newest Vogue to read while sipping a soy latte in the terminal
  • My Blackberry (do I even need to give a reason why?)
  • A chocolate treat to enjoy midway through the flight, much better than bad airplane snack.
  • A cashmere shawl/throw for chilly air conditioning
  • An eye mask, sleep is essential to avoid the puffy eye jetlagged look
  • Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony cat eye shades, for a decidedly glamorous look.
  • Rosebud lip balm, airplanes are horribly drying on your skin, and chapped lips are not sexy.
  • A stylish Passport holder, preferably in a bold colour to avoid panicked tote bag searches at security.
And there you have it!  My essentials for glamorous travel!

Bon voyage my loves!



  1. Love all your travel picks...I cannot travel without my cashmere shawl/blanket, chapstick, a snack and my blackberry !! Congrats on your new job.


  2. Speaking of eye masks -- you gotta try myfacework's eye mask -- it's like a facial mask for your undereyes and reduces dark circles, puffiness and has anti-aging effects. It's one of my MUST haves for traveling, since I always end up on the red eye and arrive at my destination looking like walking death. haha. Happy travels!

    x Niki
    A Haute Mess


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