Destination Elopement

So as much as I enjoy an over the top large wedding, you all know the special place elopements have in my heart.  I decided to compile a little menage of destinations that would be the epitome of romance, and a lot of the venues could fit close families and friends too!  Now these are just rough images of the places, the beauty of eloping is you can pick your most important aspects of the wedding and make the venue unique to you! For me, flowers, and food are on the top of my list so I wouldn't mind spending a bit extra to make sure they were perfect.

Okay, so now my destinations!
First up, a small journey to San Francisco City Hall to say the vows and then lunch at a small outdoor cafe, and it would be complete with a stay at The Palace (a gorgeous old world hotel.)  The City Hall has some of the most gorgeous architecture, which just adds to its romance!

Now onto a completely different idea.  My background is South African, so what better to do than a South African Safari?  The Lodges are absolutely gorgeous, and saying your vows in the natural setting would be lovely.  This is the kind of venue you could invite family and friends along to.

Lastly i couldn't do this post without mentioning France.  The city of Avignon in Provence would be a romantic spot to elope.  Not only to the have a beautiful city hall, the city is filled city is filled with history and architecture that would be perfect for wandering around celebrating your nuptials! Or if you want a more intimate venue The hotel Mirande offers a Table D'Hote for ten people where you can watch their Michelin star chef whip up delicious creations!

Back to reality, though it was nice taking a little trip around the world!

Enjoy the sunshine!



  1. Hey! i just tagged you for a Stylish Blogger Award. I always love your posts (Wedding Wednesdays are amazing!)
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  2. Oh my godness thats so sweet of you!! I love checking out your blog! your reipes always looks so yummy!


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