A Girly Affair

Oh my pretties, life has been so crazy lately but I finally have a moment to breathe and write a Wedding Wednesday post!  Very rarely do I think about what my own wedding will look like....haha I could barely type that out without laughing...okay yes I'll admit I spend probably an unhealthy amount of time for a single girl daydreaming about my wedding.  And maybe just maybe,  I have shed a few tears at how ridiculously beautiful it's going to be.  Of course,  depending on who I'm dating the style of wedding changes, whether its beachy romance, garden party pretty or romantic elopement I have it figured out.  So since I'm single right now I get to do whatever I like, men be damned and when I saw this Lanvin gown (ps click on the link to see a video of the model walking in it!), I was instantly inspired to create a wedding around it. Paired with Jennifer miller diamond bangles, drop earrings, and Guiseppe Zanotti chiffon sandals this $17,000 look is not exactly an affordable one, but screw it, in this fantasy I won the lottery.
This ethereal look needs a beautiful setting for the ceremony and reception!  Definitely outdoors, with an abundance of girly touches such as chandeliers, silk feathered chair covers.  Perhaps a secret tented hideaway.

Of course there needs to be an over the top dessert area as well.  Oh, and don't forget champagne (yes thats an edible hibiscus flower in the flute!), cupcakes with champagne buttercream frosting and tons of french macaroons!

Okay so this was my romantic girly inspiration for the day, now all I need is a handsome fiancee in a light linen suit with a twinkle in his eye!

Have a lovely day (go out and enjoy this beautiful sunshine!)


  1. I'm tempted to have an only dessert lunchtime affair for my future wedding. Cakes, cream puffs, cheesecake, etc...mmmm and i love the outdoor idea!
    Happy Wedding Wednesday!

  2. Oh I love that idea, who needs boring chicken when you can have light as air cream puffs!

  3. i feel as though i'm in a perfect rustic chic dream... LOVE this... ::sigh::

  4. Amazing...I love the chandeliers hanging from the trees and of course the dessert area.


  5. This is all so beautiful and romantic! Sigh.. :)

  6. OMG! The outdoor reception and dessert buffet are my work!

    Thank you all for saying such nice things!

    If you'd like to see more images from this shoot as well as a video, you can find them on my blog:



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