Get Yo Dancin' Shoes On!

So somehow since becoming single, going out has becoming a weekly routine again.  Since I don't believe in going to the gym, the dance floor has become my cardio and strength training (you try dancing in 4 inch stiletto's and see how your legs feel...oh the burnnnn.)  I've never been one of those girls who really worries about how she looks when I'm out.  Ya I'll do the girl get ready blow dry hair thing but really once I hit that dance floor I become sweaty mess times ten.  Like who wants to meet a club guy anyways?? I'd much rather be getting my groove on!  I've learned the spin away while saying no thanks is best trick to avoiding annoying males!  What tricks do you use? Where are your fave places to go out in Vancouver?

Okay luvvies! Have a fabulous weekend!  



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