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I wouldn't normally do a restaurant reviews on here, I mean I'm not Yelp, but there is a place all of you MUST try!  I've been there twice, which I think should be required if you're ever going to review a restaurant.  Take my situation, the first time I went to Campagnolo was for work Christmas party and it was absolutely scrumptious, but so was the ample amount of vino we consumed, so I worried that my taste buds may have been slightly bribed.  So second round I stuck to the blood orange and soda drink, to really give this review some merit (aren't I totally scientific?? haven't spent 3 years in college for nothing!)  Campagnolo is located at 1020 Main street, so mildly sketchy area, right beside the Ivanhoe, but frankly totally worth an adventure!  Once inside the atmosphere is warm and inviting! It's fairly close to skytrain, and there were a ton of cabs going by all night.
(images via National post, Chowtimes)

First up, the Antipasti (appetizers)
My lovely dinner date and I shared the Crispy Ceci, Beef Carpaccio, and the Beet Salad.  All of them were fantastic, Campagnolo is famous for their Crispy Ceci, it's basically fried chickpeas with spinach and citrus, I couldn't stop eating them!  The Beef Carpaccio had delicious flavours from the salsa verde, the coarse salt and fresh lemon really kicked up the dish. The Beet Salad was great, my favourite part was the long thin slices of celery!
(Crisy Ceci-image via ChowTimes)

Next was the Primi (or main course)
I had the Linguine with mussels, garlic, butter and lemon.  Butter makes everything better in my books!  My dinning companion had the Tagliatelle with pork ragu, basil, and pecorino romano cheese!  Both were very filling and total yummy!

(Tagliatelle-image via Foodist)

Now no food review would be complete without a Dessert review!  We shared the Chocolate Panacotta that had this dark chocolatey coffe syrup poured over top it was paired with mandarin orange pieces and roasted hazelnuts....UM HELLO. Basically I died and went to heaven!

So This weekend I want all of you to get your cute butts down to Main and Terminal and enjoy a lovely meal!!


  1. Yum...looks delicious !!



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