oh and a few more things....

okay, so not to be greedy....but I totally forgot some things!
Jo Malone makes the best fragrances...I'm partial to any of their spicy or light florals scents.  They are available at Holt Refrew
I have a small candle obsession, and Diptyque has the such original scents, Fig and The (tea in french), is yummy also available at Holt Renfrew

I'm lazy in the shower so Philosphy's 3 in 1 products are awesome, and so many scents to pick from! Peppermint bark seems rather apt for the season. available at Sephora (in Pacific Centre)
I always forget about my home, new sheet set and duvet would be lovely..or a gift card for me to pick it out myself! I love this one from Pottery barn, but Bed Bath and Beyond and The Bay has quite nice ones too
New towels! mine really don't dry anything and love to leave little fibre's on everything arghh
Coffee table books! I sort of have a cushy ottoman thing, but it still would like some pretty book love, The Cross at davie and Homer has some gorgeous ones!

Okay, I'm done...for now at least, pheww Santa is gonna be busy this year!


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