Online Window Shopping

Okay, so I have this weird thing I constantly do, please don't judge.  I like to browse clothing websites for hours and meticulously put all the items I love in the shopping cart, like we are talking accessories, lingerie, dresses, sweaters...EVERYTHING...and then I go look at my shopping bag and then immediately go to a new site or turn off my computer.  Odd I know, I like to think of it as online window shopping!

Ps. Don't worry Dad, I keep my credit card hidden far away during these moments
PPS. So as not to leave you all hanging, I will share my favorite website to find cute original clothes!

Topshop, now ships to Canada from their UK site! 
Shop Penelope is one of the few sites that carries my favourite brand Sessun from Paris!

shop penelope

Modcloth is great for less expensive yet still cute, dresses and coats!
mod cloth
One of my favourite shops for a good deal (check out sale section) and some beautiful regular priced items is Hampden Clothing.


For a more edgy New York feel OakNYC is the shop to visit, they have some great accessories, like crocodile Ipad case perhaps?
 So those are just a few items from the sites I love and probably spend too much time on....

What are your favorite website to shop at?



  1. www.nastygal.com! such cute things!


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