Dear Santa...

So due to this magical snow, and some bugging from Mr. X about what's on my Christmas list, I thought I would share my list with all of you...It somehow became more and more grand as I was making it....

First off, I need a new purse, I intensely dislike all of mine, yet can never seem to find the perfect bag..until this one... by Marc Jacobs...it's got everything I have ever wanted...if it was the only thing under the Christmas tree I'd be beyond happy..

Sticking with bag theme, this next one is perhaps a little more reasonable, I have about 5 cosmetics cases, all either too small to fit all my make up, too short to fit brushes. So I end up bringing 3 on trips all randomly filled,  it drives me insane!  however, this one seems pretty perfect, also by Marc Jacobs
All this snow makes me want to be wrapped up in cozy cashmere sweater, unfortunately my closet doesn't have any cashmere in it at the moment...we are in a recession you know!.....I think that should change, and these two ones from Vince and Feel the Piece are my love!

It wouldn't be a proper Christmas list without a little jewelry lust:
Every girl wants a little Tiffanys in her life
or perhaps some good fortune and stars?
For staying warm this winter this snood is perfect, and these cashmere gloves are great!
A few dainty things like these are always wanted and loved!


So these are a few items on my list, other things I like, anything L'occitane, Kerestase deep conditioner, spa gift certificates, the white ceramic handleless travel mug from starbucks, any new good books!

Okay, there I've made shopping easy, and hopefully gave you a few ideas for your own wishlists!



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