Good Morning Darling

Brunch is one of my favorite meals, not only is it delicious, it almost always has a calm relaxed feel.  A wedding reception brunch has always appealed to me.  After seeing it in Sex and the City movie ages ago, I always thought how perfect it could be with a little extra creative thinking.  The food would be a key element, giving everyone a little something to enjoy, whether it be sweet or savoury.   Of course if you need your nighttime reception this would be lovely the next day for friends and family to show your thanks for all their support!  Before I go into some idea's, how about a little musical interlude?  It's such a fun song for a wedding!

Let's set the scene a bit first.  It's a lovely early summer morning, outdoors of course,  you have a croquet game set up of to the side on a big grassy lawn for people to enjoy.  Your eating area, partially shaded by a 25 year old oak tree, consists of tables lined with fresh wildflowers in a mixture of glass jars and vases. 

Next up, the food!  There should be numerous stations around that offer things like pancakes and a variety of syrup, perhaps a omelette bar, or french toast kebabs!  Servers handing out granola and yogurt parfaits or mini cinnamon toast sticks would be fun as well!

As for drinks, a coffee and tea bar would be a lovely addition (add in some doughnuts and everyone will love you!)  Anyone that knows me knows my love of juice bars, throw in some ice buckets filled with champagne bottles and you have a delicious mimosa area!

We know how much guests love their nifty gifts.  Why not create a space where they can make their own tea mixture to take home, and brew some love? (pun very much intended there)...  This works with coffee beans too!

 There you have it my dears, all you need for a brunch wedding!


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