A Fairytale Affair

I love a good fairytale, and since being in Europe it feels like everyday I'm surrounded by these magical fairytale-esque places and idea's. It got me thinking about how beautiful a wedding could be here.  I'll be honest on Saturday's its like wedding fever here, every church is spilling out with brides and wedding parties.  So far they seem to be stuck in some tacky time warp.  Big hair, inappropriately sexy satin bridesmaids dresses, horrid flower arrangements.  It made me upset.  Since really, the weddings could be very easily out of this world elegant, beautiful and romantic.
I happened upon the Kate Moss wedding photo's in my September Vogue shot by Mario Testino.  They were perfection.  The one that really caught my eye was this one.  I say every bride needs a red sequin floor length coat!

The greenery that is so prevalent in Europe and the ancient buildings provide the perfect backdrop for a fairytale wedding.  The dress has to stand up to the grand location.  In Sex and the City Carrie's dress of a "mille feuille" (thousand layers)  would be just right.

Of course the cake should be something extra special, I'm thinking in a gold colour, not unlike these ones! (Aren't they wonderful??)

And of course your prince charming will have already slipped the most perfect ring on your finger...I think this one would do the trick.
 My dears have a simply delectable day!


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