Through Rose Colored Glasses {Wedding Edition}

Sometimes I'm sure I look at the world of marriage and love a tad more positively and hopeful than others.  Love is the thing everyone on the planet is looking for whether they care to admit it or not, it's nice being cared about and able to rely on another person.  Even though the thought of finding the "one" in a world of billions seems rather daunting and somewhat impossible, I believe it's just a case of fear and whether or not we are strong enough to let ourselves fall down the proverbial Alice in Wonderland rabbit hole.   So, for wedding Wednesdays I was inspired by the thought of a rose colored existence...these Elie Saab creations would look simply magical walking down a wedding aisle!  Not for the timid, but for the women with an eye for sublime glamour.

Okay, this one may not be pink but It's actually one of the most fairy tale princess dresses I have ever seen!
(images via style)

Ciao luvvies!


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