Something New!

Okay! Enough wallowing in self pity!  I went shopping...and oh my did it feel nice....and I actually took some pictures of my new purchases...with me in them!  I haven't had one of those I love this outfit so much I could just die moments in such a long time!  So photo's were a must even though I usually never like getting my picture taken.  I even crafted a photo smile that I can pull out in any situation so I don't have any of those depressing must delete feelings.  Please excuse the greasy hair and lack of makeup, this was a spontaneous middle of apartment photo shoot!
 I got new harem-ish pants from Club Monaco, they are literally the most comfy things ever...even if they are total man repellers. Ps  if you didn't know already students get 20% off there!
(Club Monaco pants and t-shirt, Zara blazer, H&M necklace, Purr infinity scarf)

Well I'm off to work, buying appointment early this morning can't wait to pick out some fabulous things for the store!


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