Screw Oscar Fashion...I'm Talking about my Fridge.

I am having an organising obsession moment.  I hate when food I forgot about goes bad in my fridge, so I'm developing a new system.  I have a list of all the possible meals I coould make on my fridge so I can just look at it and go!  No more standing in front of the fridge for an hour trying to figure out what to make!  Yes, perhaps this is a tad obsessive compulsive but those of you who spend money on food will attest to the annoyance of throwing out untouched veggies and milk or cheese.  This is a blog about making your entire life fabulous, even those boring little moments you'd never think to talk about.!

My dream fridge...heels, jewelry, pineapple and cupcakes!


ps. If you must know, Mila Kunis was obviously the best dressed in Elie Saab last night. I don't why anyone else bothered showing up.


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