Travel to Far Away Places

Everyone always asks me where I'd want to travel to, or where I have been, etc.  I was content with my trips to Eastern Canada, California, Florida, Mexico,England and Whales, and I did enjoy them but now it seems no one else is satisfied with them, like unless I have a strong desire to go to Algeria or Thailand or some other equally random foreign country, I'm boring or irrelevant in the conversation.  When really I'm just trying to avoid thinking/dreaming of all the places I could go because I'm experiencing a major lack of funds.  Why torture myself over all the places I can't go to, when I can enjoy living in the city on my own and getting to do whatever I please?  So in order to squelch all the eye brow raising and bewilderment at my lack of travelling... I've made a list of my Top 4 places I sometimes secretly  allow myself to dream about.

South Africa, New York, Spain and Paris....all for different reasons but yes perhaps one day when I'm not spending 3/4 of my salary on rent and the other quarter on bills, I will go to these places...I see no need to rush, I will enjoy the life I have in the present moment! 
Have a nice days lovelies!



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