Run Away with Me

Okay, so wedding Wednesday have been neglected, but better late than never!

Lately, I've been thinking about the idea of eloping...yes me the girl that has been obsessed with the idea of her wedding since she was old enough to know what they were.  It seems people can get so caught up in the planning and the stress of making the big party, that they forget what they are doing, marrying the person they plan on spending rest of their life with. The idea is so so sooo romantic too, just the two of you exchanging vows, making a commitment to each other... because trust me ten years from then uncle bill in the 4th row will not be there to work through the disagreements and remind you of promises you made on that special day. It will just be you two sharing your love.

This video of April Powell and Jeremy Crantek's sweet elopement really inspired me. On Monday they woke up, ordered room-service, drank mimosas, got dressed, jumped in a car, picked up the flowers, then the cake and were married by noon. As they exited the City Hall, Jeremy surprised April by hiring a guitarist to play their first dance on the sidewalk. Then they had lunch at a small bistro near Golden Gate Park and spent the day exploring. April explained, “By 6, we were back at our beautiful hotel suite ordering Indian food delivery. The day was full of romance and spontaneity, and all day, we were wrapped up in the simple ease of it all. Perfect.”  



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