Shopping {trauma}

So today I woke up earlyish, flat ironed my hair and tried out the fishtail side braid from a fellow blogger's youtube suggestion, it looked so cute, then I put on my outfit and bam the whole thing was a giant mess. Argh, so I redid and then grabbed my purse and lipgloss and pranced out the door ready to face the Christmas madhouse rush at the mall.  It was intense, within 15 minutes my hair was half falling out of the braid, I was boiling hot in my winter coat, and totally panic struck at the sheer amount of people everywhere I turned.  I grabbed a seat on one of the benches to regroup, eat some almonds (the perfect shopping refuel snack ps) and looked over my blackberry christmas list notes.  So somehow I found everything, plus a few extra things that I was looking for in time to meet Ms. C for a little lunch break.  After this quick bite and yes some holiday cheer in a cocktail glass, I finished up some shopping at Michaels and Save-on for some much needed wrapping and baking supplies. I finally got home via transit and am now collapsed on my couch unable to move. Next year, I plan on being much more organised and will start shopping in September....or maybe not, since I secretly perhaps just a little bit enjoyed the slight adrenaline rush while shopping in the craziness.

I unfortunately did not look quite this fabulous while shopping today.
(imag via Appleday)
Have a festive day!


  1. You're way ahead of me! I still need to get gifts for the half the people on my list! Must feel good to have it all out of the way though. Oh, and I also secretly love the holiday shopping adrenaline rush ;)


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