It's Raining Men!

Not wanting to leave the men out, I decided today would be my favorite fall/winter looks for guys this season. Step away from sloppy t-shirt and ill fitting jeans immediately!

This is simplicity at it's finest. A favorite of my Mr. X, the long sleeve tee/ sweater. It is perfect for fall days, and can be easily paired with scarf and blazer for more put together look.

The cardigan is huge for winter, and really shouldn't be that scary for guys, you won't look like a nerd if you wear it the right way, I promise! The vest is a great piece if you want to try something a bit different in your daily wardrobe rotation.

This is why men from Italy are so cool, they aren't afraid of a fitted suit and smart accessories!
Camel has been huge for women this fall, I think men need to try it out too, it's a great departure from basic grey/black wool coats. This Burberry coat is to die for!
All images via GQ
up next, the top grooming products for guys!


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