Grooming 101 {for men}

Good grooming is essential, this doesn't mean you need to be perfectly shaven at all times, however you should be showered and have that yummy man smell the majority of the time (trust me women love this.) I am a big believer in guys splurging (a bit) on skin care products, that bar of soap or Axe shower gel just isn't going to cut it. And ladies, these are some fab christmas present ideas for any man in your life!

A deluxe shaving kit like this one, will make your bathroom and your face undeniably sexier!
Moving onto your hair, Fredric Fekkai makes some great products like Coiff, that always smell delicious, don't be scared of the lavender jar!

Anthony Logistics makes some awesome products for guys, moisturizer is a must in the winter, and always chose one with sunscreen (min spf 15), to avoid sun damage aka wrinkles. Always use a cleanser to wash your face, the glycolic acid cleanser from Anthony logistics helps prevent razor burn and lift away dead skin cells that can cause blemishes!

You can find all of these products at Sephora!



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