Be The Zig to My Zag

I have a secret obsession, it's called Millionaire Decorators...No literally I stayed up til 3am last night, I couldn't turn it off.  My favourite designer on the show is Mary Mcdonald, not only is she sarcastically hilarious, her designs are richly glamorous and over the top! Perfection!  She is particularly famous for her painted floors,  this floor inspired me for today's post! 
(image via designprettyblog)
 Then I came across this image and realized how versatile the chevron (or zigzag) pattern really is...and of course the bold lip colour makes it about 10 times more fab!
(image via lucyandcompanyblog)

I'm all for touches of pattern at weddings, not only will it add visual interest and texture.  Having different layers will add a fun richness in your space, it's fairly inexpensively too.    
I heard this song today and am kinda crushing on it, I imagine it at a casual beach/garden wedding bash, enjoy!

One of the most obvious ways to incorporate this lovely pattern into your wedding would be through stationary.  Whether it be invites, save-the-dates, or favours this look will set the tone for your soiree!

Moving along, I'm never one to leave out the confectionery delights, and these definitely don't disappoint!  I love how modern and fresh these cakes are.  Proving once again, you can break tradition and it will still be beautiful.   Take a risk, I dare ya!

(images via Pinterest)

To me, using Chevron stripes in your decoration is one of the boldest looks you can go for, the key is to use it sparingly.  You don't want to be knows as the wedding with all the zigzags.  Think of it as an accent piece.  Perhaps in a tissue backdrop, table runner, or napkins.  

Lastly, one last fashion inspiration in the form of the beloved Valentino!  Don't you just DIE over this dress le sigh.... oh the glamour!

Have a fabulous day beauties!


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