{Fly Away With Me}

 So my little bloglette's, these past few weeks have been so hectic and my life is so full of changes I've been neglecting you.  So sorry!  Okay, to break it down simply, me and Mr. X have gotten back together, it was one of those moments when we realized how much we truly loved each other (one of the happiest nights I'd had in quite a while.)  The only problem, as of that day the wheels were already in motion for him to move to Europe.   I'm a romantic, when he told me this all I could think of was how I had to be with him, and somehow I had to get on that plane with him.  Of course, not all love stories work out so perfectly.  Fast forward (through the most romantic and perfect month spending every possible moment with him before he left, fyi)  and he is now far far away from me.  But fear not luvvies, my plane ticket is being bought this week (my closet took longer than expected to be packed up) and by the time the new fall collections are hitting stores I will be in Vilnius, Lithuania with my love exploring a whole new adventure in our lives! Here's a few pics of my new city!  Isn't it completely charming??? Le sigh get me on a jet plane now!

Phew, okay so as you all can imagine I'm an emotional wreck...basically excited beyond belief, yet missing my man more than words can express!  On top of that, it's my birthday in 6 days, the plan you ask?  Basically I want to see all the people I love in my life before I go, all while sipping some deliciously large margarita's!  A little Mexican fiesta night!  I'm thinking my outfit will look a little like this!  Love me some metallic on a birthday!

Okay, I'm off to bed have a lovely day!  Hope the sun is shining tomorrow!


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