Take a Seat

 So sometimes I can be one of those people that are overly opinionated about weird things, today it is chair covers.....I absolutely detest them.  I love thinking outside the box and not doing the standard golf course wedding white cover green sash combo.  Of course for some brides, they love that uniform look and of course if your stuck with ugly chairs at a venue there is no choice but to cover them.  But what sort of wedding planner (and ps yay I am almost finished my planner program!) would I be if I didn't show you some creative alternatives?!!  You're venue is going to be filled with as many chairs as there are people, shouldn't they look just as fabulous?

Ribbons, fabric, even paper can be festive and fun or even romantic and elegant!

Flowers are great as decoration on the chairs, the can be grouped in bouquets, made into a garland or just about anything you can imagine!  Just make sure they are fastened tightly and aren't poking into anyone's back...That's not chic!

Have a fabulous day darlings!



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