All Tied Up in Knots

I have a love hate relationships with scarves.  On one hand they can can elevate a look and really add a unexpected texture and layer.  On the other hand they can easily clash, or I find people think you can just put any scarf with any shirt...this is simply not true.  Certain colours and patterns and fabrics just really don't work together!  Mostly I find people just wrap their scarf in the same old way day after day (I've been guilty of this, I'll admit it.)  It's time we break out of our comfort zone and try something new!  Refinery29 had a great slideshow on this today, I've picked my top 3 faves I plan on trying!  They are all so retro, I love it!

The Mini Capelet: fold square scarf in half, tie ends, and make sure it sits above your shoulders to avoid the granny look. 

The Headband:  wrap scarf around your head and tie in a knot in the the front, then tuck the ends into the side of the band.

The Menswear scarf:  take your skinny scarf and knot it like a men's tie, just keep it super loose and flowy

Happy knotting lovelies!


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