~Love Day~

Valentine's Day has always been my favourite holiday (ya ya I know it's not an "actual" holiday.)  And no, it's not because I have been swept off my feet by some prince charming or showered in flowers.  Frankly, I have been single every Valentine's since I was old enough to have crushes ( I was 6 if you were curious) and I haven't ever received flowers, those adorably tacky teddy bears with mushy sayings on them or even a heart shaped box of chocolates...ps getting them from parents doesn't count. 
(image via weheartit)
Okay, so you're probably wondering why exactly it's my favourite, it has a lot to do with its the overall message...and that would be Love.  The world these days is so full of hate and anger and people are so caught up in their own problems they forget to stop and think about all the good things they actually have.  Everyone should view this day as an excuse to spread love among anyone they know!  Who cares if your status is single, married, relationship, it's complicated or divorced?  In the end we are all human and it's nice to know someone out there cares about us.  Screw the Hallmark couples only traditions, instead of Valentine's being a day of dread, I plan on making it an extra special Monday for myself and everyone I love!



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