Nothing Like Some Aisle Candy

Oh darlings! It's my favourite day of the week, wedding Wednesdays! Now one of those big tingly tear jerker moments is when the bride is walking down the aisle, and yet it's one of the area's most brides don't really focus on for decoration.  This has to change!  I have compiled a bunch of aisle inspiration for you, and all sorts of budgets! Frankly, most of these can be done fairly inexpensively which is always a plus!

First up, my personal fave, candles! They add such a romantic ambiance, and the fabric draped ceilings help with this intimate feeling too.  (notice the circular seating in 1st image?? Love that!) This is such an inexpensive option compared to flowers!

There are so many options if you decide to use flowers, you can line the aisle, create patterns, you can even create a full on carpet of flower petals! 

Lastly here are a few other idea's that can add really pretty effect depending on the style of wedding you have. paper lanterns are fun (just be careful if it's windy venue, you don't want them flying all over the place.)  Branches always add a magical forest feel, especially for a winter wedding.  

Ribbons are so whimsical and go perfectly with barn farm setting!  For a couple who wants glamour, what's better than an aisle lined with mini chandeliers?

(Images via theknot, koyal)

Happy planning!


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