~The New Guest Book~

As Miranda Hobbs once said, "Its a bullshit job Carrie, people know what to do with the guest book."  Well, that was a time when guest books were these boring tacky books that seemed to pretentious to put any real heart felt messages in them.  We can do better than that! I'm fairly sure these idea's will get everyone excited about taking part in the guest book/tree/quilt/Polaroids!
This diy project is simple enough with all different sizes of envelopes glued on the pages of an album for people to fill with little notes of well wishes and advice.  It would be so fun for the couple to go through it after the wedding!

This Bride had cut out squares of fabric, and guests wrote notes on them (with the fabric pens to avoid bleeding on the fabric), she later had them turned into a quilt! Such a nice keepsake.  Use fabrics that would work with your home decor so you could have it out on display!

These are pre-cut origami squares make it easy for guest to roll up their notes.  Have fun with the paper choices and coordinating stickers, make sure create a fun area with banners, and neat bowls and jars! 

What about having a polaroid camera out for people to take a snapshot of eachother? Then they can write a note on the picture and make a banner of all the hanging pictures.  Alternatively, they could put the pictures in a book and write the wishes for you next to it.

A more natural route would be to create a wishing tree.  Your florist can coordinate it with your decor and overall floral scheme.  Guests will tie their notes on the branches for a  very elegant effect.



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