~Morning Disaster~

Every Friday I have to go to school and take this advanced internet course, aka early morning snoozefest.  I usually sleep in till basically 10 minutes before I have to leave, today was no exception. I like to lie in bed and organise my outfit and breakfast and makeup in my head so I can just pop up and do it all in 10 minutes.  So, I'm rushing down the road in the pouring rain when suddenly I have the strangest sensation, my body is in the air and hmm shit my feet aren't on the ground anymore...oh and the ground seems to be coming closer and closer to my face so I turn away to avoid what would be a very costly plastic surgery bill and my body hits and slides across the sidewalk oh so painfully, umbrella goes flying...I leap up in total embarassement and realise this is bad zen/karma/mojo to start my day and rush back home for a restart!  I hate the rain, this would not of happened if I was on a beach in the French Polynesia!

I'm just wanna go hide...preferably here



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