Art Art Everywhere!

One of my favourite things about having my own apartment was finding art for my walls, that is until I figured out the walls were brick and hanging anything proved to be almost impossible.  le sigh.  Though my lease is up soon and my first priority in an apartment will be normal walls!  I stumbled upon this site a while ago, and the concept really intrigued me, 20x200, a website that carries prints from a variety of artists all over the world starting at $20 for an 8" by 10" image!  These aren't you mass produced boring motel painting either, they usually are around 200 of the print in an edition and there are some very cool and unique shots.  It was created by Jen Beckman who owned a small gallery on the Lower Eastside with her main goal aiming to support emerging artists and collectors.  By taking this art to the internet she has created a space where buyers and sellers can easily come together and really support one another. 

This one would be so cute in a kitchen, the artist Jane Mount created her ideal bookshelf of cookbooks!
On a completely different note, this one by Younga Park seems so tranquil and secret!

Umm could this be any cuter in a nursery? Sharon Montrose has a whole series of different animals all equally adorable!

The total Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City feeling created by Joseph O. Holmes is perfection here!

I would definitely suggest go taking a browse! See if you find anything you love! One can never have too many pictures on a wall!



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