The Season of Giving

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the holiday spirit and think of all the things you want to find under Christmas tree and all the parties you want to go to.  The excessive North American traditions can be fun but this year I have been thinking it would be nice to help someone else, and I was looking up different charities this morning and came across the Obakki Foundation. Obakki is a luxury fashion brand started in Vancouver, that now is sold all over the world in select retail boutiques.  Their foundation has created a collection of clothing and accessories that have the thoughts from 150 kids in Cameroon, Africa.  They created a book that features what the kids answered to simple questions like what make you sad, what makes you happy or what makes you afraid. Their answers were all things we could relate to.  For example, "a mosquito makes me sad," we all can relate to the annoyance of mosquito's but to a child in Africa a mosquito can mean malaria and a serious threat to their life. 
This is a great foundation that gives 100% of its proceeds to the community, They have a list of their completed projects to date here on their blog too. I know I would be happy to receive the book or tote bag under the tree! both are under $50 too!

Have a wonderful Monday!


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