So I intensly dislike school...I won't say hate because there is too much hate in the world already.  But yes, going to class studying and missing out on life seems ridiculous to me.  I am not one of those academic types, I have never felt stress over exams or final papers, I just find them this annoying topic people need to converse about for hours on end.  I've always thought going to school for something I truly loved and enjoyed doing seemed like the perfect thing... frankly marketing is interesting but it sure as hell is not my true love.  I think I will set a new goal of finding out about how to get the best education in my actual passion..It may not get me a degree or a million dollar job offer but life is too short to spend years locked in classroom only to leave and realise your dream job has slipped away and all your courage to go after it has faded. 

What are your opinions on school? and education?


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