Wedding Wednesday {Movie Delight}

Last night I started thinking about wedding Wednesdays, and what I would want to feature.  I wanted something new and different so I scrolled throough my inspiration folder and came across an image that got my mind whirling with all the different possibilties!  This is for the non traditional bride, who wants her guests to really have a new experience and a fun time....How about an outdoor movie??! They are very simple to create, learn how here, and you could play an old black and white romantic classic...think Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca, and keep length in mind too, Gone with the Wind may be romantic but it's a tad epic in length.

Your probably thinking, Ashley your crazy you can't have a movie at a wedding!  But allow me to take you through the entire event.  Everyone has eaten their appys, drank their champagne, chatted with others at their table, maybe even danced a little, but guess what its 10pm, the night can't be over yet!  Now you step in and direct everyone to the fresh outdoors, where there are numerous throw blankets, and cushions, and even some lounger circles, all lit up by beautiful metal lanterns in all shapes, sizes and colours.

You would then have the waiters pass out chai tea, maybe some baileys and hot chocolate, or some latte's with mini doughnuts a la Miss Martha Stewart, and of course the snacks! There could be a popcorn bar with all different toppings, caramel, spicy chipotle, and classic buttery salty goodness.  There could be a candy bar with all the classic movie candy as well! 

But perhaps you want something a bit more hearty for people to enjoy during the movie how about some mini chicken bacon sliders and fries?

So I'm pretty sure I've covered all the basics in putting on a fabulous outdoor movie for your guests to enjoy for the night, and talk about for years to come!

Have a lovely day!


  1. Ashely, I really think you should just take over for Martha Stewart. ;)


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