Jewel Obsession

So I hope you all had a festive Christmas filled with cheer and good tidings!  I spent a couple days lazing about with family and eating way too much (my New Years dress is now hanging at the front of my rolling rack for healthy eating inspiration!) So while browsing online I have recently come across a jewelry designer that has stolen my heart! Jacquie Aiche has the most gorgeous dainty jewels that have my heart pitter pattering, take a look and see for yourself how fab she is!
This Hummingbird Ring is so sweet and delicate and all of her rings are designed for layering so you can make them unique!

These Thread Shower Earrings are 6.5 inches long, total shoulder dusters (love it!)

This is my absolute FAVOURITE necklace, it's just so different from what we are seeing out there right now.  Although, I am a die hard chunky multi chained necklace girl, Its always nice switching it up for a more feminine graceful feel



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