70's {Revival}

I'm over winter, like I refuse to buy another sweater or pair of tights, I want summer now please.  So, in order to torture myself a bit more I've been looking at some of the Spring/Summer 2011 collections.  Clearly we are taking a time machine back to the 70's, and frankly I'm excited!  What's more chic than silk blouses tucked into some tailored flares topped off with a pair of tinted aviators, or flowing silk ruffled mini dresses with some suede laced sandals?? Usually, I associate Emilio Pucci with vibrantly printed headscarves on wealthy women sunbathing in St Tropez.  However,  this season I am in love with his collection its sooo sexy and 70's I could just die!  The prints are totally wearable as well, I can picture wearing them poolside at my (imaginary) villa in St. Barts.  Here are a few of my favourite looks:

Love a good blue and white pattern combo!

Hello Glamorous 

(are these boots not the most amazing thing ever??)

Love the the leather jacket over the breezy dress

A white narrow pantsuit is so classic!


Dress lust.
(All images via InStyle)

Fingers crossed spring comes soon!!


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