La boudoir {closet obsession}

It seems to me my closet is perfectly organised about 4 times a year...the other 361 days it is an overflowing mess incapable of holding my (somewhat) large collection of party dresses, flowy blouses, pencil skirts, oversized knit sweaters, leggings, tunics, fitted cardigans and those two pairs of jeans I keep for emergencies only. Oh and did I mention my heels, boots, and flats? My apartment sized closet really doesn't have any hope of survival. It also doesn't help that mr. X has a perfectly drool worthy Carrie Bradshaw hallway style closet sitting there half empty (although perhaps a tad fuller since dating me,) just begging to be filled with new pretty things.

So I decided I needed to get some closet inspiration, and these rooms really do make me want to organise my clothes for hours....le sigh

( Images via apt34, elledecor )



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