Crazy for Carnations..No really I am...

Ok, sometimes I can be a tad hmmm... snobby..... about wedding flowers. This is not to say I just like expensive flowers, I just feel some flowers are too...ok I'll just say it...darn ugly to be in any sort of centerpiece, bouquet or boutonniere. Carnations were at the the top of the list til I saw these photographs. At around $.60 a stem they won't break the bank in comparison to say a peony, which goes for around $6.00 a stem. Another perk is that they literally come in hundreds of colour variations.

These dramatic reception centerpieces are beautifully full and sculptural and won't blow your budget. As well, the clear vases will allow your guests to be able to chat across the table. The entrance table is instantly more dramatic with the bold use of colour and shape against the white vases!

Alternatively, you can use single carnations and great vintage items to create a more individual look. They work great on top of the favour boxes and will help tie into your colour scheme.

How about a big bouquet of carnations and ribbons?...this one was designed by Martha Stewart, so of course its going to be a good thing!

(Images via Kristin Vinning, The Party Dress, Paratinovia, fresh wed , Martha Stewart)

Have a smashing day lovelies!




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