Broke is the New Black

So as a student living on her own in downtown vancouver les fashion funds are usually a tad low. Luckily www.shopbop.com (my favourite site as most of you know) just marked down a ton of fall items, that work perfectly for our mild vancouver winters! Don't know where to start with you winter shopping? It's simple, start with the basics and then build cute outfits by adding more chic items. Here are some of my shopbop picks!

Leather leggings! (faux of course) by Alice and Olivia

Haute Hippy is my holy grail of casual glamour, this cardigan is no exception

This DVF cardigan is so cozy I would absolutely live in it!

T by Alexander Wang makes fabulous everyday type dresses

Okay so this would be completely blowing any sort of budget ($1250) but I don't care this Temperley London cocktail dress is still absolutely divine

And the best part! you can shop curled up under the covers, preferably with a mug of drinking chocolate.

Ciao! xox


  1. Nice blog post! Umm if I was a girl I would definitely consider your broke vancouver fashion advice lol...the leather leggings for sure :)
    ~S xo

  2. Don't worry thursday will be Man day...lots of tips and ideas for my male followers!


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